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If you have ever had the need to find the owner of a cell phone and need to do a reverse cell number search, then the top reverse cell phone number web site available is This powerful site has the expansive database to help you to find what or who you are looking for. If you suffer from prank phone calls, or you simply want to locate an old school friend or relative, then you will find this reverse number search tool an efficient and time saving tool.   Keep reading to discover its benefits and features, as well as the type of results you can expect to find.

 Features:5 Stars

Check MarkSearch by cell phone number
Check MarkUnlimited searches for members
Check MarkDetailed results including name, number, address, household members and more
Check MarkAdvanced people search option
Check MarkDiscount background and cell phone reports

 Ease Of Use: 5 Stars

When it comes performing a reverse phone number search, reverse phone detective is really simple to use and easy to follow, making it a great site for non tech oriented persons. Not only can you expect really good search results, but you will now have access to cell phone owner names, addresses and home phone numbers.  The reverse cell number lookup will also include information on household members as well.  As if that were not enough, has a comprehensive information database that is very expansive and diverse, so that if you are having any difficulty in finding information you can still find answers to all of your questions right away. So then, if you need to search for cell phone numbers, than this is the site for you.  

 Customer Support: 4 Stars has a helpful and informative customer support help desk to help you with any issues that might arise. They have good customer support but not to the level of Phone Registry.






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4 Stars

As of December 2012 has really done an extensive upgrade to their system and are not only updating their very large database regularly but they have also improved their user interface as well.

Phone Detective is once again back on top of the reverse phone search game. So if you are looking into doing a reverse cell number lookup, than Phone Detective is the best choice! They offer other services as well (If you need them... SEE VIDEO) And as mentioned earlier they have the most extensive database in the industry.

Being the longest standing reverse cell lookup service says allot. I have seen many services come and go but Phone Detective has outlasted them all. Their customer service is good just a notch blow Phone Registry.


PS: Many opt for the one year price. why is that?
I guess that they figure that you get more than one of these unknown callers per year... perhaps per week so why not save some money!

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