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NOTE: Cell Phone Registry is now
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Cell phone registry can be of great assistance if you have ever been the victim of prank phone calls as it allows you to run a reverse cell phone number lookupquickly and easily. It is also an excellent website for searching for old friends, college buddies, loved ones and long lost relatives. This website offers many search results including; full name and address of cell phone owner, cell phone information, dates of birth and much more. With an ever growing database of millions of cell phone and landline numbers, which is updated daily, cell phone registry is the best tool for performing a reverse cell number look up.  Please consider the features and reviews below.


 Features:5 stars

Check Mark Search by unlisted numbers
Check Mark Millions of cell phone and landline numbers stored
Check Mark Great results including; name and numbers, addresses
Check Mark Advanced search options including people search option
Check Mark Criminal records search and by social security number
Check Mark Instant background records search
Check Mark Great for people finding as well

 Usefulness: 5 stars

Phone registry takes you to a simple search page with several options to choose from.  And when it comes to performing a reverse cell search , this website boasts a huge database full of cell phone numbers, unlisted numbers and much more. There are plenty of frequently asked questions to help you if you are finding it too difficult to follow.  But really it is pretty straight forward and simple to use. You can even view sample reports so that you can see what it is like to use.  Again, the best thing about phone registry is that they have many search options, which gives you a much better chance of getting the results that you want. You can do a cell number search to find people, do background reports and also stop prank phone callers in their tracks.


 Customer Support: 4 stars

The customer support service for cell phone registry is as good or better as any other service, they have a simple email customer support page as well as a frequently asked questions page for extra help.


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The Verdict for
Phone Registry is

Phone Registry
Overall Score
5 stars

NOTE: Cell Phone Registry is now
Reverse Phone Check
and is better than ever!

Reverse Phone Check is the best service for performing a reverse cellular number searches with its features and large database.  No one can beat their features or their customer service.  Once you are in their members area you basically have all the tools a detective has.  So yes Reverse Phone Check is our hands down pick!

Pay just one low fee now and you will find out who is calling you and then you can put a stop to their pranks.

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