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Technology has made you mobile and reachable. Technology has made you vulnerable as well. But technology means information and information is power. Is it now possible to trace unknown callers only by using a free reverse cell phone directory? While there are some aspects that are free the following article will provide you with all the information you need to understand just what is available and also how to utile them.

Now there are many websites providing the service. People may have many different reasons for using a free reverse cell directory.  It could be it to check who calls them from an unknown number, or it could be it to reunite with relatives and friends, to locate a prank caller or even to check if the number that their loved one belongs to a colleague of his/her or someone else.

For this purpose, there are reverse cell phone directories that have a database of cell numbers. As a technological invention, these phone directories have available in the US for many years. In the beginning they were printed and utilized mainly for the purposes of public institutions, for law enforcement and phone companies. In the beginning of the nineties, the method of reverse phone lookups entered business. Ten years later reverse directories were available online, providing more and more users with a useful solution for their concerns.

It has always been possible to easily receive information on landline phone numbers. However, having the possibility to obtain results for cell phone numbers has not been this easy, as no central database exists. Today you have this possibility of using a reverse cell phone service for free. All you need is Internet access, the right website address and there you go by entering number you need information about in the system, you are able to trace the number of your mysterious caller.

TIP #2: This tip had to do with utilizing the Google phonebook, but Google has discontinued this service. Typically a Landline telephone numbers used to be available with the service. However, you can try Yahoo and Bing to see if they have such a service.




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